Herbal Balm Making Workshop

Next Available: Sat, 04 May 11:00AM
3.0 hours
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The workshop will begin with a discussion on the different types of remedies you can make (such as infusions, tinctures, and balms) and how they can be used to alleviate common everyday ailments. We will then create a 'menstruation balm' which can be used for cramps, bloating and back pain. 

In recent years there has been much more love and attention given to menstruation, yet it is still something that many women/AFAB have a monthly battle with, both internally and externally as they navigate within a society that although growing, still thinks of menstruation as a taboo topic. As female-bodied/AFAB individuals, we deserve to give love and nurture to our bodies during this time, instead of filling our bodies with pharmaceuticals in an attempt to ignore and forget about our menstruation until it is over. Something as simple as taking the time to rub a balm on your stomach and backs can be a beautiful offering to yourself.

Although this workshop, due to the nature of the balm we are creating, is centered around the female experience, people of all genders are welcome. We will be discussing everyday ailments that affect all individuals, and the process we will learn will still be useful to make any other balm (healing skin balms, tiger balms, etc.). Further, I can guarantee that a female-bodied individual or AFAB in your life would LOVE being gifted a balm of this kind.

Your Teacher:

This event will be hosted by the Jessica, the creator of Wild Apothecary, a small company dedicated to holistic, artisan made medicinal products to replace pharmaceuticals for everyday ailments. All of Wild Apothecary's creations are made with simple recipes following the old ways of our ancestors. It is my intention to show that medicine can be natural and created simply with our own hands. I hope this workshop inspires you to heal yourself through your own traditional herbal remedies. It is the relationships that we create with nature and the plants around us that will heal our bodies and our spirits. 

****All materials will be provided but please bring your own container, preferably a dark glass jar. We will also be drinking some plant infusions on the day. ****

Instagram: @wild_apothecary 

Facebook: Wild Apothecary 

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What you will learn
  • How to make different types of plant remedies (tinctures, balms, infusions)
  • How to alleviate common everyday ailments (headaches, indigestion, lack of sleep, anxiety, depression, cold & flu, high blood pressure, etc.)
  • How to make a medicinal balm
What you will get
  • A list of remedies you will get to bring home on how to use plants to alleviate everyday ailments
  • A medicinal balm
  • A deeper understanding of why plants can be just as effective and useful as the more familiar method of using pharmaceuticals (such as paracetamol, etc.). Remember that most of our medicines today were originally created from plant properties which have now become synthesized!

What to bring
  • Please bring your own container if you can, preferably a dark glass jar.
What to wear


Appropriate for

Anyone wanting to learn about plant remedies

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